Jul. 06, 2021

4 Wallpaper Myths Debunked

By Jenna Bethany

4 Wallpaper Myths Debunked

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Wallpaper is a great solution for spicing up an otherwise boring space. Maybe you’ve avoided purchasing wallpaper because you’ve fallen victim to some of the most common myths about this misunderstood product. Learn the truth behind four common falsehoods and then shop online at Wall Snobs to find your ideal pattern!

Wallpaper Is Old Fashioned

Maybe your only interaction with wallpaper was staring at the rather outdated pattern displayed in your grandmother’s living room when you visited. You should know that the patterns and styles in wallpaper are ever-evolving, which means it is trending with the current direction in interior design.

Wallpaper Is Permanent

Wallpaper can be permanent if that’s what you want, but just as wallpaper patterns have changed with the times to reflect current styles and trends, there have also been improvements in the installation process of wallpaper so you won’t have to worry about damaging your drywall or dealing with shredded wallpaper.

Wallpaper Can’t Be Used in Kitchens or Bathrooms

It used to be that wallpaper wasn’t installed in kitchens or bathrooms because it wasn’t fire resistant or safe from water damage. At Wall Snobs, we perform extensive product testing to ensure that our removable wallpaper is easy to apply, maintain, and remove, making it an ideal design solution for any room in your home!

Wallpaper Will Ruin Your Walls

Traditionally, wallpaper wasn’t applied with a primer or any specific pre-treatment process, which made it difficult to remove and sometimes caused damage to the drywall. Our eco-friendly spray and stick wallpaper is easy to apply and remove, leaving your walls free from harm.

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