5 Ways To Creatively Use Wall Decals in Your Home

5 Ways To Creatively Use Wall Decals in Your Home

You feel like your walls are bare and that they could use a little something to spice them up. But painting your walls is too much work and doesn't provide the kind of creative freedom you desire. What then?

Why not turn to wall decals? Wall decals are a wonderful option for homeowners who love to decorate, but also love to periodically change things up. Like stickers, decals come in various designs and all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can apply them wherever you want and take them down when you need to.

Ready to hop on the wall decal train? Here are five ways to creatively use wall decals in your home to spark your imagination and kick off your home decorating venture.

Decorate the Nursery

Are you the proud parent of a bouncing bundle of joy? Wall decals are perfect for decorating your baby's nursery. Little ones grow up fast, and their interests and needs change just as quickly. You'll need to redo their room often to keep up with their rapid growth. With wall decals, you can decorate their room to match their current age and hobbies and then change them up as they get older and their interests shift.

Temporary Decoration for Parties

Have a party coming up? Wall decals are a quick and easy way to decorate the room and set the mood. Cover the walls with tropical florals and ice cream cone decals for a summer beach-themed party or use sport-themed decals to decorate for your next game day get-together.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Wall decals are meant for walls, but that doesn't mean you can't use them elsewhere. Another way to creatively use wall decals in your home is to plaster them on plain doors. Use decals to add pops of color to your closet doors or to label rooms, like the laundry room or kitchen. 

Make DIY Picture Frames

If you have some picture frames laying around, you can pair them with small decals to create a custom picture frame. All you have to do is take your decals of choice and arrange them inside of the glass glazing. There you have it—a custom piece of art to hang in your home!

Create a Focal Point

Make a statement by using a large decal or multiple small decals to create a focal point. Focal points are parts of the room that immediately draw the eye. They set the tone for the entire room and can tie all your design elements together. An eye-catching decal could be just what your room needs to feel whole!

If you're looking for removable, high-quality wall decals to decorate your space, you're in the right place. At Wall Snobs, we have high-end removable wall decals you'll love at great prices. Take a look at our collection to find the decals you need to bring your walls to life!

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