Jan. 24, 2022

A Guide to Choosing the Right Removable Wallpaper

By Benjamin Cuslidge

A Guide to Choosing the Right Removable Wallpaper

If you feel like your walls need something more, one thing you may be considering is covering them with wallpaper. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring color, depth, and texture into a room.

But if you've already been searching for your new wall covering, there's something you might have realized: you have a lot of options when it comes to wallpaper! There are countless materials and patterns, and you even have the choice between traditional and removable wallpaper.

After doing a bit of research, you think you're going to go with removable wallpaper. But you still haven't settled on a pattern, and you're not sure how to measure your walls for the perfect fit. No fear! This guide to choosing the right removable wallpaper will run you through the basics to ensure your wallpaper suits both your home and your personal aesthetic.

Why Removable Wallpaper?

Some people fear using wallpaper because they've heard that installing it is confusing and messy. But what if you could have wallpaper without the headache and paste? That's the appeal of removable wallpaper—it looks and feels the same as traditional wallpaper but is much easier to install. And it isn't just easy to install. It's also easy to remove, making it the perfect option for renters or noncommittal homeowners.

There are several kinds of removable wallpaper. Peel-and-stick is the option you're likely most familiar with, but compared to spray-and-stick wallpaper, it's not up to snuff. Peel-and-stick is the equivalent of a huge sticker. You'll have a hard time getting it to stick to textured walls. You’ll also have a hard time getting the pattern to align properly, even on smooth surfaces. The worst part—peel-and-stick is notorious for damaging walls upon removal!

Spray-and-stick, on the other hand, is much easier to put up. It'll stick to walls—even textured walls—with no trouble. You can slide the paper into place to ensure the pattern aligns seamlessly. Spray-and-stick also stays up until you want it to come down. You won’t have to worry about it peeling off. But when you do want it to come down, it peels off easily, in one sheet and with minimal or zero damage to walls.

How To Choose the Right Wallpaper

So, you're sold on removable wallpaper! But now comes the hard part: how do you choose from the countless patterns available to you? And how do you measure your walls to ensure a clean fit? In this guide to choosing the right removable wallpaper, we'll help you choose a print and measure your walls correctly.

What Room Are You Using It In?

First thing's first: where do you plan to use the wallpaper? Are you covering just one room or the whole house? And if you're only wallpapering a room or two, which ones? The kind of wallpaper you choose should complement the furniture, décor, and overall feel of the room(s) you're installing it in.

If you're covering the bathroom, you'll, of course, need wallpaper made from waterproof material. The last thing you want is to get water stains on your beautiful new wallpaper. As for the print of your bathroom wallpaper, we recommend choosing light and bright colors and uncluttered patterns. Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, and dark and busy patterns can make them feel even smaller. Bright and simple patterns, on the other hand, can open your bathroom up.

But if you're wallpapering a bedroom, the opposite might be better—darker colors will keep out light at night and help you sleep, while complex patterns will showcase your personality and give you something to count, sheep or otherwise, as you drift off to dreamland.

What Kind of Colors and Patterns Do You Like?

You should, of course, consider the room when choosing a print. But that doesn't mean you should choose something you dislike just because it suits the room. You also have to consider your own preferences! What kind of colors do you like? What kind of patterns scream "you"?

If you're a nature lover, natural, earthy colors like green, yellow, blue, and brown are presumably at the top of your list. A simple pastel floral wallpaper would work wonderfully in your bathroom, while a wood grain accent wall will make your living room feel like a cozy cabin.

Or maybe you're a sleek and modern kind of person. A monochromatic abstract pattern will make your dining room look luxe, while marble wallpaper in the bathroom and bedroom closet will exude luxury.

How Many and What Kind of Walls?

You've chosen a pattern. Now, it's time to measure your walls. But wait! Before you measure, you'll want to take note of how many walls you plan to cover and what kind of walls they are. "Wait, there are different kinds of walls?" you might wonder.

Yes, there are! And we're not talking about texture or materials—for best results, you should always stick to clean and smooth walls. What we're talking about is the overall shape and contents of your walls. Here's a brief overview of the four main wall types.


A standard wall is square or rectangular and shape. It's the most common kind of wall.


A sloped wall has one or more end that's slanted.


A pitched wall has two or more ends that are sloped.


A wall with obstacles has a door, window, or other obstruction on it.

So, how do the different kinds of walls affect the measuring process? Let's find out.

Measuring Your Walls

If you haven't already, go and grab your tape measure. You'll need it for this next step. If you're measuring a standard wall, all you need to do is measure its height and width. But what if your wall isn't standard? Here's how to measure other kinds of walls:


For sloped walls, you should measure the longest and widest parts of the wall. You can cut away the slope during installation.


If you have pitched walls, measure the longest part of the wall in both width and height. You can cut away the slants during installation.


Measure the total width and height of the wall. Don't make deductions for the obstacles or you could wind up with too little wallpaper for your project! Like slopes and slants, you can cut away any obstacles during installation.

More Than One Wall

If you're covering more than one wall with the same wallpaper, simply combine the widths of all walls to get your total measurement.

Need Removable Wallpaper?

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Removable Wallpaper

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