Jan. 19, 2022

A Quick Guide to Measuring for Wallpaper

By Benjamin Cuslidge

A Quick Guide to Measuring for Wallpaper

First thing's first—before you order your wallpaper, you need to measure your walls. Fortunately, taking wall measurements is an uncomplicated task. In this quick guide to measuring for wallpaper, we'll teach you how to measure your walls. Grab your measuring tape and let’s get started!

What Kind of Walls Do You Have?

The kind of walls you have makes a difference! Before you start measuring your walls, examine them. What do they look like?

Standard walls are square or rectangular in shape. Sloped walls curve inward at the top on one side. Pitched walls are the kind of walls you often see in the attics of homes with peaked roofs. Like sloped walls, they curve inward at an angle at the top, but on two sides instead of just one. A wall with obstacles is a wall that has doors, windows, vents, and other obstructions on it.

Measure With Measuring Tape

For standard walls, all you have to do is measure the full width and height. But how do you measure walls that aren’t standard? Here's a quick guide to measuring for wallpaper according to the kind of walls you have:

  • Sloped: Only measure the longest and widest parts of the wall.
  • Pitched: For both width and height, measure the longest parts of the wall only.
  • Obstacle: Measure the total width and height of the wall.
  • Multiple: Combine the widths of all walls to get your full measurement.

Should You Include Doors & Windows?

One thing homeowners often wonder when measuring for wallpaper is, "Should I include doors and windows in my measurements?" The answer to that question is no. If you make deductions for doors, windows, and other obstacles, you may not receive enough wallpaper to cover the entire wall! Instead of making deductions from your measurements, simply trim the wallpaper accordingly during installation.

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