Wall Snobs prints orders on demand since each order are custom. We work hard to get orders out in 1-2 business days. If you cannot wait for your wallpaper we can expedite your shipping. We want to help you with your wallpaper journey as much as we can!

Domestically in the USA!

We are proud to say all produts are produced in Fort Worth, TX! MADE IN THE USA!

REMOVABLE: Wall snobs uses PVC FREE fabric that has a strong texture that you find on traditional wallpapers, but ours is on a peel and stick fabric that makes it removable. Our removable paper does not stretch and hides lightly textured walls and imperfections very well. 

TEXTURED: We use a very special paper for our textured wallpaper. It is PVC free, non-migrant, odor-free, fire rated and hopsital grade paper. You can choose from 5 different finished: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pearlescent, Matte and Suede

We do not offer any returns or exchanges since every product is printed custom for YOU!

Preferably. However, our printers are very precise. We strive for consistency but we cannot guarantee since there are many variables at play.

YES! We love to work with our customers on special projects for them! Please email us at hello@wallsnobs.com 

How is your wallpaper sold?

We sell our removable paper in 25 in wide panels and the panels are 9 foot 8 inches tall with 6 inches added in for uneven walls. Our removable paper will have a 1 inch overlay on each side to make the lining up process easy. Please utilize our calculator to see how much wallpaper you need to order. 

We sell our textured wallpaper in 30 in wide panels by 9 foot 8 inches tall with an added 6 inches for uneven walls. This paper is a traditional butt joint application. 

What makes it Stick?

Non-toxic low tack adhesive. 

Heavy Duty Wallpaper Paste. We recommend PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive 


Our recomendation is generally based on the size of the project and your willingness to do a DIY project or to hire a professional wallpaper installer. If you plan on hiring a wallpaper installer we suggest our traditional textured wallpaper. Our textured wallpaper is very special and eye catching, but takes more time to put up!

Wall snobs uses a low-tack adhesive that will keep the wall you install the wallpaper on pristine. This means you can make your space yours without worrying about leaving an adhesive residue on a wall. The best results involve walls with eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint finishes. If you have recently painted your walls, keep in mind that paint can take 4 weeks to fully cure.

Yes, our removable wallpaper is very forgiving and user-friendly. If you want to re-position it you can! Re-sticking is great! 

NO! Odor free

Yes we can send you as many samples as you want for $5 a sample.

Yes! Anywhere you can imagine!

We have full faith that you will not mess up, but if you do we will be there to help you. We have documents for you to utilize on how to install and how to measure your walls. As well as how many panels you need to order for your wall. If you need more help please email us at hello@wallsnobs.com and we will get back to you shortly.

Our removable wallpaper does best when there is some ventilation in the room. If possible crack a window or fan if taking a steamy shower. We suggest our traditional textured wallpaper for bathrooms. 

REMOVABLE If you apply the wallpaper like we suggest, our removable wallpaper can last until you want to remove it or change it!


Every computer monitor and phone screen are different depending on the color calibration. We have our monitors calibrated to our printers to ensure accurate colors. Please take in mind that colors will look different in your space depending on lighting and windows!

However, if you want to make sure you like the colors in your space we will gladly send you a sample. 


REMOVABLE No, we use a very opaque material that will not show your previous wall color.

TEXTURED The textured wallpaper is applied with wallpaper paste and we suggest that you prep and prime your wall to have the best hang.

We have a very helpful footage calculator on each product page to help with this.  If you are still unsure, please email hello@wallsnobs.com for help calculating.


There isnt a right or wrong answer. It all depends on your level of comfort with DIY projects. However, our removable wallpaper is designed for DIY installation. With our traditional wallpaper, we stronlgy encourage profesional installation. It is more than doable DIY though. Please refer to our "How to Hang" guide for lots of tips and tricks.

Walls with a texture can cause some problems with removable wallpaper. If you have a slight texture and arent sure please email us a picture of your wall at hello@wallsnobs. 

Also, check to confirm that your walls have a premuium eggshell, satin or semi--gloss paint. matte finishes can be a bit trickier. Do not apply wallpaper to new paint. Paint takes about 2 months to fully cure. 

After applying the wallpaper continue to rub the wallpaper for about 2 weeks to ensure the adhesive is activated. 


YES! Great news huh! All of our removable wallpaper is water resistant and washable. You can use any cleaner you would use on your counters and floors on the removable wallpaper. 

GOOD NEWS! Our textured wallpaper is water resitant and washable. However we reccomend using a non-abrasive cloth and water to wash the paper. Please avoid using any cleaning solutions on this paper. 

We care about you and our earth, so we were conscious about what products we use and go into your home. We only use products that are 100% non-toxic, clean, hospital grade and chemical free. Our products are safe for kids and safe for homes!

No. They are odor free!