Get Ready for Back to School With Acrylic Planners

Set Yourself Up for Success This Year

With the school year rapidly approaching, both kids and parents are ready for a new year of exciting new opportunities! The school year brings with it all sorts of events, and it can be easy to lose track of all of the “who, where, and when” that comes with it. This is where a handy planner comes to the rescue! Wall Snobs features a variety of fun, unique, and customizable acrylic planners that will help keep your family on schedule and organized this year.

young smiling girl with Wall Snobs acrylic family planner

Benefits of a Custom Planner

Keeping an up-to-date planner of your family’s day, week, and month comes with a lot of perks. Rather than trying to remember all of the important details of the day, you can keep track of everything with a custom planner that is all your own! Enjoy enhanced productivity, lower stress levels, increased communication, and even a little creativity. The school year has a lot of moving parts and pieces, and by keeping track of everything with a custom family planner, you’ll be avoiding unnecessary headaches that occur when something falls through the cracks.

young family member makes her additions to her custom acrylic planner

Making Organization Fun for Everyone

Acrylic planners can help make staying organized as a family something that everyone can enjoy! Since the surfaces of these planners allow you to erase and make changes with dry-erase markers, there are a lot of opportunities to implement some enjoyment in the process. Each family member can have a designated color, and special events or family activities can be highlighted. When your family sees “movie night” or “taco tuesday” on the calendar, it can be something to anticipate and look forward to!

young mom writing out monthly schedule on acrylic planner

Choose Your Own Aesthetic

With customizable options for your acrylic planner from Wall Snobs, you have even more opportunities to choose your own aesthetic. Instead of using plain, cookie-cutter, drab weekly planners, you can make your planner your very own! Choose from a variety of fonts and styles to create a planner that is all your own — after all, doesn’t a planner title like “The Ortegas” or “Cooper Family Plan” sound so much better than “Weekly Plan?”

Custom acrylic memo board for family

Stay On Schedule In Style!

With your customized acrylic weekly planner, your family can stay on track in style. Our acrylic planners include templates for planning out your whole month, your week, or even single days. We also feature planners for meal preparation, chore assignments, to-do lists, FYI notes, and other customizable options. This school year, let there be no excuse for losing track of your family’s schedule with your custom acrylic planner from Wall Snobs!

Browse our selection of acrylic planners in our online store. If you have any questions about our planners and the customization options available, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love helping families stay organized in a fun, creative way.