How to Measure Your Wall

We will print your wallpaper larger than the dimension you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. This method makes application easiest.

Standard Wall

Simply measure the full height and width of the wall you’re installing on.

Sloped Wall

Measure the longest and widest parts only. Simply cut the slope away during install.

Pitched Wall

Measure the longest part of the wall in both width and height. Cut away slants during install.

Wall with Obstacles

Only measure total width and height of the wall. The obstacles will be cut away during install.

Multiple Walls

Simply combine the widths of all walls and submit one measurement when ordering.

How to Apply Our Removable Wallpaper

Step 1

Prepare Paper

Your wallpaper is printed on 26 inch wide strips that are numbered on each strip. First, find the numbers on the strip and lay them out in order so you are ready for install. Remember- we added extra 4 inches in height for trimming top and bottom if you run into your wall being uneven. Ensure your wall is clean and smooth, free of imperfections to ensure a perfect wallpaper install.

Step 2

Place the First Panel

Clean your wall surface with a rag to rid the wall of dust and imperfections to ensure adhesive sticks properly. After cleaning your wall hang the first panel, work from top to bottom and allow the paper to fall naturally. Follow the panel with a squeegee to ensure no air bubbles remain underneath. Check carefully for correct fit in key image areas (eye level and focal points) before top and bottom trimming, reposition if necessary.

Step 3

Perfect Your Panels

Now, position your panel to make sure it is perfectly level. Check your panel all the way down to make sure it is level. Once you have it level begin to smooth the panel on the wall with a soft wet rag (like included in our application kits). The patterns will match up perfectly with our 1" Included overlap. Once you have it secured to the wall then wait overnight to trim the tops and bottom of the panels.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1-3

Continue to hang the panels in order like described above until all panels are up. Step back and admire your new wallpaper.