Removable Wallpaper

Bright Monstera


What's cuter than tropical monstera leaves and PINK!?

50" Pattern Repeat

Removable wallpaper is a fun and easy way to update and make a statement in any room! Our removable wallpaper is perfect for those who have commitment issues!

Material Removable
Ceiling Size 8FT

Why it’s So Easy to Apply

pre-cut sheets

Sheets are precut to dimension for seamless pattern matching.

1” overlap

Extra overlap space and expanded heights for secure placement.

Crease & tear resistant

Our wallpapers are tear, stretch and resistant free and won’t stick together.

Application kit

For even easier use, we recommend purchasing our Application Kit.

Define your own space

Slide the bar to see how wallpaper completely changes your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Removable Wallpaper stick?

This paper is water-activated. The paper is pre-pasted with an aqueous based paste. Meaning the paste is activated with water and also removed just as easily with water. If you have any leftover residue on your wall after removing the wallpaper simply wipe off with a wet cloth.

Is your Removable wallpaper non-toxic & PVC-Free?

YES! And it is made of recycled materials!

How long will your removable wallpaper last?

If you apply the wallpaper like we suggest, our removable wallpaper can last until you want to remove it or change it!

Will your removable wallpaper work on my walls?

Not all walls are created equally. Walls with a texture can cause some problems with removable wallpaper. Our removable wallpaper works on most textures, however we recommend applying to smooth walls. The wall texture will show through the paper. If you have a slight texture and aren't sure please email us a picture of your wall at hello@wallsnobs. Also, check to confirm that your walls have a premium eggshell, satin or semi--gloss paint. matte finishes can be a bit trickier. Do not apply wallpaper to new paint. Paint takes about 2 months to fully cure.

Is your removable wallpaper water resistant/washable?

Yes. Make sure you wipe the wallpaper with a soft cloth and water.

When should I expect my wallpaper?

We print and ship orders NEXT DAY!