Traditional Wallpaper

Pink Sunflower Traditional Wallpaper


Hand drawn sunflower illustration

25" Pattern Repeat

Traditional wallpaper on a wall can completely transform a space. From gorgeous bold prints to large wall murals, you can add another layer of style and luxury. When it comes to traditional wallpaper, you have so many options, from under your staircase to your ceilings. 

Material Smooth
Ceiling Height 8FT

Why it’s So Easy to Apply

pre-cut panels

Panels are precut to dimension for seamless pattern matching. Panels are 25" wide by your selected ceiling height.

1” overlap

Extra overlap space and expanded heights for secure placement.

Crease & tear resistant

Our wallpapers are tear, stretch and resistant free and won’t stick together.

Application kit

For even easier use, we recommend purchasing our Application Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How "clean" are your products?

We care about you and our earth, so we were conscious about what products we use and go into your home. We only use products that are non-toxic, clean, hospital grade and chemical free. Our products are safe for kids and safe for homes!

Can I use your wallpaper in a commercial space?

Yes, our Traditional wallpaper is ASTM E-84 - Class A approved. We also recommend Traditional for high traffic areas which commercial spaces tend to be.

How do I decide between traditional and removable wallpaper?

Our recommendation is generally based on the size of the project and your willingness to do a DIY project or to hire a professional wallpaper installer. If you plan on hiring a wallpaper installer we suggest our traditional wallpaper.

What makes Wall Snobs traditional wallpaper different from the rest?

It was very important to us to make sure we are offering a traditional wallpaper that is different from the rest. One of the biggest ways our product differs is our quality of material. We print all our traditional products on the high quality LEED Certified wallpaper, fire rated and extremely durable and washable. We also wanted to make sure that there was less waste in every project - which is why we sell in panels vs. full rolls. Our Sample Size measures 20" x 24" and is a great way to test drive the material and see the pattern + colors IRL.

What is the size of each "panel"

Each panel is 26" Wide with an added 1" Overlap. We offer the panels in 8FT, 10FT and 12FT tall. We have added expanded heights (4 inches) to each panel to help with uneven walls. IF you need a custom size please email and we will help you!

What makes Wall Snobs different?

We’re passionate about beautiful wallpaper and believe that our high-quality wallpapers are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces. Our process is designed to give you complete control - since most of our designs can be customized, we can accommodate almost any request in order to create your perfect wallpaper.

When should I expect my wallpaper?

We print and ship wallpapers NEXT DAY!