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From our Walls to Yours

We launched in 2019 as a Fine Arts company. We noticed a gap in the wallpaper industry - it was challenging to find a high quality product that also offered a wide range of beautiful designs. 

So, we brought our expertise in the Fine Arts + printing space and launched Wall Snobs. Today, we offer the highest quality “best in class” wallpaper that inspire your creativity.


A Family of Snobs

We’re a family business and see our partners as an extension of our family. Our products are high quality, non-taxic, made in the US and easy to install.

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Made from the Best

We offer high quality, one of a kind wallpaper panels at competitive prices. We have designs that are fit for any type of home - from bold and bright to elegant and elevated.

All of our wallpaper is free from VOC, PVC and phthalates. We print with latex inks that are water based and non-toxic. We would never put anything in your home that can be harmful to you, your family or your pets.

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Quality Comes First

Quality is our top priority at WallSnobs. All products are made to order and printed by top of the line fine art printers. Before being delivered to our customers, we ensure all prints meet our high standards and would be fit for our own home, before entering yours.

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