Our Materials

At WallSnobs, we offer a variety of wallpaper substrates to fit the needs of your home or commercial space.

Our Material Certifications


We are always striving to offer the best quality products while using the safest materials for our customers.

We made a commitment to offering only PVC-Free materials. We are happy to say that we achieved that goal by the start of 2024.

fire ratings

Almost all of the materials we offer carry a Class A fire rating, which is the highest rating possible in the industry.

Our natural offerings are the only materials that do not have a class A due to them being natural fibers.

Type II Certification

Type II Certification is a strict testing done that classifies how washable and durable a material is.

Although all of our materials are very washable and durable, those classified as Type II, can be a great option for commercial spaces.

Double Cut Required

Top of the line wallpaper materials require installations done by experts. When installing WallSnobs panels we highly recommend hiring a professional who is skilled in double cutting.

What is double cutting you may ask? It is a specific technique used to install high quality wallpaper panels to ensure there are no errors, rough cuts, etc. This will ensure your panels are installed in the best way possible to give them longevity in your space for many years to come.

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our materials


Matte has a smooth texture, matte finish and is non-woven. It is suitable for residential and commercial use, but is best for residential or a cost conscious shopper.

  • PVC-Free
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Washable and Cleanable
  • Ideal for Residential Use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Premium Matte

    Premium Matte has similar qualities as our matte material - subtle sophisticated texture, matte finish and non-woven. This material was developed to excel in commercial spaces or high traffic areas. It is extremely durable and resists most scratches and dings.

    • PVC-Free
    • Washable and Durable
    • Ideal for Commercial Use
    • Cabretta

      Cabretta has a slight texture to the surface finish while also being matte. This material excels in bathroom and commercial environments due to being breathable.

      • PVC-Free
      • Contributes towards 7 LEED credits
      • Class A Fire Rated
      • Washable and Durable
      • Ideal for Bathroom and Commercial Use
      • Lustrous

        Lustrous is our best selling material due to the high quality and customization options available for our customers. This material can include metallic effects on the entire print or in specific areas - there is nothing else like it on the market. This material is very durable and washable.

        • PVC-Free
        • Type II rated
        • Class A Fire Rated
        • Washable and Durable
        • WallSnobs Exclusive
        • Paper Weave

          Paper Weave is a newly released material that offers a very unique and elegant finish made exclusively out of paper.

          • PVC Free
          • All Natural Materials
          • Durable
          • Adds Depth and Texture
          • Grasscloth Weave

            Natural grasscloth is extremely luxurious and a staple material in high end, luxury builds. It is hand woven and customers love the natural effects this material offers. Our grasscloth is hand woven with linen fibers for extra durability.

            • PVC Free
            • All Natural Materials
            • Adds Depth and Texture