We know the importance of quality wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious finish, or a temporary way of sprucing up an under appreciated space, our selection of paper types have been hand picked to offer the best for all wallpaper options.

Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is the perfect solution for individuals that suffer from commitment issues! Removable wallpaper is the perfect option for individuals that live in rental homes, dorm rooms, offices, bookshelves and more! The opportunities are endless!

Our removable wallpaper is designed and sourced by us. We have spent over a year testing and sourcing our materials to ensure that we are offering the best possible material. Which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, durable and washable!

Removable Finish


Smooth and matte finish made out of recycled materials. Vibrant color and high quality print. Great option for those in rental houses, dorm rooms and all temporary needs.

How do I clean my wallpaper?

You can clean the wallpaper with water and a soft rag. The wallpaper will not fade or smear.

Will your removable wallpaper stick to my textured walls?

The simple answer is yes. However, the texture of your wall will be visible through the paper. We have a special aqueous adhesive formulation that will stick to most walls if not all. The paste is easy to remove by wiping it off with water and a soft cloth.

How eco-friendly is eco-friendly?

Our removable wallpaper is made out of recycled materials and is recyclable. NO VOC'S, NO PVC, NO ODOR.

How removable is the wallpaper?

Our removable wallpaper is easy to install and easy to take down. Simply peel it off the wall when ready for a change.

Traditional Wallpaper

Our traditional wallpaper is all eco friendly-non toxic and very durable. This wallpaper type is applied with wallpaper paste and features LEED certifications, hospital grade-type 2 wallpaper coverings and more.

  • LEED-Certified
  • Green Guard Gold Ink
  • Fire Rated
  • Hospital Grade
  • Washable
  • Tear Resistant

traditional finish options


Our most popular traditional wallpaper. Durable type 2 wallpaper. Matte Finish and vibrant colors. Hospital grade, fire rated, non-toxic.


Heavy Type 2 embossed silk texture. Great for high traffic areas. Luxurious feel and look all while providing vibrant colors.

Metallic Gold

Durable Type 2 Commercial grade vinyl with a flashy metallic gold finish.

Metallic Silver

Durable Type 2 Commercial grade vinyl with a flashy metallic silver finish.


Durable Type 2 Commercial grade vinyl with a copper foil finish.


Durable type 2 commercial grade vinyl with a more subdued, yet highly sophisticated and luxurious sheen and light texture.

Pearly 3D Printed Texture

Very Versatile adding an extra dimension using printed textures all while adding a little sparkle.

Suede 3D Printed Texture

Velvety/Suede feel. Best for watercolor and pastel colors.

3D Printed Texture Silver

Outstanding textured effects-luxurious metallic look

3D Printed Textured Gold

Outstanding textured effects-luxurious metallic look

Matte 3D Printed Texture

Very versatile adding an extra dimension using printed textured all with a matte finish.