Our Quality

Anyone can buy a decent printer and find a few patterns and start printing wallpaper.

The average person does not know the many differences in printer technology, print resolution, ink sets, file prep, paper quality, and even the backing that makes up the wallpaper.

Highest print quality in the market.

Eco-friendly and Ethically sourced material.

Proud of every print that leaves our door.

Provide the best experience from shopping to the actual install.

Our Wallpaper

When sourcing our raw materials, we placed an emphasis on three key traits. Our materials have to be safe, provide the highest print quality, and lastly be unique. Utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, we are at the leading edge of what is possible with wallcoverings. Our wallpaper is tailor-made, so you’re free to interchange colors, backgrounds, or change the scale of the pattern. It’s your world! Get what you want! Browse through our offerings below and learn what makes each one so special.


When you want the finest detail and vibrant colors in your design, our smooth material will showcase the most exquisite designs. It is a durable Type II vinyl that is perfect for residential and commercial projects.


Luxe has a fabric like texture created by small horizontal lines that have silk fibers embedded in them. The silk fibers create a small pearlescent effect that accent the printed pattern and bring luxury into any space.


If you are wanting a timeless wallcovering, this is reminiscent of a linen textile. The linen texture is subtle, but adds character and depth to the design. It is very durable and easy to clean.


If you want to add some quiet sophistication to your design, Suede is a great place to start. Featuring a subtle leather grain texture, Suede can accent your design without overpowering the print.


Natural grasscloth will always be in style. We have developed a grasscloth that we can print any of our designs on.

Imitation Grasscloth

This is a great option when you want the look and feel of grasscloth, but do not want the typical smell or cost of natural grasscloth. Our imitation grasscloth is a Type II vinyl that captures the essence of natural grasscloth.


When you want to make a statement subtly or boldly, Lustrous is always a talking point. This option reflects light evenly without glitter or sparkle. This is a Type II vinyl with endless possibilities. Ask us about our Lustrous swatch book so you can create your own unique colorways.

Dimensional Pearl

Dimensional pearl allows bright colors, creates visible and touchable textures as well as adding an additional sparkle. Our dimensional paper line has ____ fire ratings, and more properties. The most versatile dimensional media in our opinion.

Dimensional Silver

Silver has a silver metallicy finish with the added visible texture it provides a premium looking effect.

Dimensional Suede

Dimensional suede allows great and vivid colors along with not only a suede like feel but also the added raised textures. We love our suede for more watercolor type patterns. This suede will have a matte finish to the finished product. Use this media for most patterns if you are not looking for any shine, sheen or metallic finishes.

Dimensional Gold

Dimensional gold is an outstanding showstopper media. This gold mixed with texture really creates a premium finish.

Dimensional Chameleon

Dimensional chameleon really has a special finish- pearlescent with interference effect , changing the hue from green to red depending on the viewing angle. This paper is suitable for when a little sparkle is needed- which in our opinion is always! The textures on chameleon are very visible and eye-catching.

Dimensional Paintable

Words do not explain the elegance of this material. Boasting embossed patterns with unique painting techniques.


Copper is a highly reflective type 2 chrome brush textured material.


Durable type 2 commercial grade vinyl that is a highly reflective black-chrome that produces an eye-catching sparkle. We love this material for patterns that have the black foil paper show through. We like to create a modern, high end look with black on black with the dramaticness of the black flash wallpaper.


Pearl combines a unique surface with a slight pearly coating. The finished wallpaper creates a more subdued luxurious sheen. The pearl looks and feels like a fabric but it is also a type 2 vinyl.


Steel combines a unique surface with a slight silver pearly coating . We love seeing colorful patterns that showcase the steel properties and gives stunning metallic highlights.


When you are wanting a temporary option for wallcovering, there is no better option than Spray & Stick. This paper comes from a specialty mill in France. It is not your typical removable wallcovering. It is clean removing and rivals traditional paste the wall options. The texture of this paper is the equivalent of fine art paper.

Print Quality

We started out printing fine art pieces for artists and photographers. To be able to do that, we spent almost a year searching for the best printer for the job. We had to go through a full week worth of training to be able to run the printer. We built a partnership with the printer manufacturer and worked with them to develop a special process to get to our end goal.

Provide the highest quality print that other shops can’t provide or frankly do not want to spend the time printing as slow as we have to, to get the quality we are achieving. We have developed processes internally to maintain the quality of an image even when it has been enlarged substantially. We are bringing all the knowledge from the fine art industry to the wallpaper world. Every panel of wallpaper that leaves our door is art quality. We could lower the print settings on our printers and produce exponentially more product and still be very competitive in the print quality. But to us, that little extra quality that we can achieve, is well worth all the extra print time.

Eco Friendly

We wanted our products to not only look amazing on your wall, but also be amazing to our planet. Most of our wallpaper has some recycled material in it. All of the inks that we use are safe to be used in schools and hospitals. We have a greenguard Gold certification with our inks. Which is the highest certification you can get. That means that our products are safe for your newborn baby in their nursery all the way up to a hospital. This was crucial for us, there is already plenty in this world that we have to worry about.

The last thing we need to worry about is the chemicals in the ink on your wallpaper seeping out into the air that you breathe. Our materials are sourced from the US and France. We wanted to keep everything in the US, but the quality was just not there for some of our products.

Proud of Every Print

We check each and every order before it leaves our door. We have multiple quality control checks throughout the production process that every order has to go through. If there is even one small imperfection. We will redo the whole order to make sure the order is perfect. This can be anything from the quality of the print not being as good as we want it to be, to a small imperfection in the paper. We mean it when we say all of our orders are fine art quality. When an order leaves our door, that means it is perfect and something that we would put up on our own walls.

We do not prioritize influencers and give them a different product compared to what their followers would get. That is one of the main reasons we do not do paid collaborations. When we send out paper to influencers, we want their honest opinions and we want the quality to speak for itself. We do not give them any requirements or tell them things that we do not want them to talk about. We want to be as transparent as possible.

Shopping Experience

We have always wanted to provide the best experience from day one. We started out selling peel and stick wallpaper. We sought out the best product on the product, it was really expensive and was not great for our margins. But we wanted our customers to have the best possible. The two main things we were looking for was print quality and that it would actually be removable. A lot of companies show how removable their peel and stick is. But in reality, unless your walls are perfectly smooth and prepped properly. That peel and stick is going to damage your wall, it is not as “renter friendly” as they claim. It is also a huge pain to install. Unless you have a helper and a lot of patience, it is not a fun install. There is a reason a lot of professional installers do not want to install peel and stick. The first reason being how tough it is to install well. The other reason is, it makes them look bad when it falls off the wall. You have two extremes with peel and stick. The first being the damage it causes when you pull it off, the second being that it falls off the wall.Once we realized the downsides, we set out to find a better option.