General Questions

At Wall Snobs, we decided to sell wallpaper as panels instead of double rolls for a multitude of reasons. First of all, we have reduced the amount of waste not only in the production process. We also are limiting the waste for our customers. You no longer have to worry about that pesky vertical repeat that makes you waste 12ft on every double roll.

Another reason for producing panels is the scale of patterns. We are able to produce large scale repeats. Some of our patterns even have a horizontal repeat of 150"!

Pattern repeat can be broken down into two areas. The vertical repeat and horizontal repeat.

Vertical Repeat: The vertical repeat is how often the pattern is repeated vertically. You will commonly see 12.5", 25" and 50".

Horizontal Repeat: The horizontal repeat is the main repeat that we care about. This is where our panels really excel! A lot of our patterns repeat at 12.5" or 25". A 12.5" repeat means that the pattern will repeat twice on each panel. Where a 25" repeat, will only be once.

Large horizontal repeats are a little different. If a pattern has a 50" repeat, we will send you a panel "A" and a panel "B". Which would be installed in that order. A 75" pattern would be "A,B,C".

The majority of our wallpaper is 25". We also print on natural material that is 34" wide untrimmed. Lastly, we offer naturals that are 36" wide.

25" Wide: Matte, Premium Matte, Cabretta, Lustrous

34" Wide: Paper weave & Grasscloth weave

36" Wide: Cork & Wood veneer

*For contract jobs and custom orders, we can product up to 52" wide panels.

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Wall Snobs offers a diverse range of wallpapers, including non-woven, natural fibers, veneers, and specialty paintable wallpapers. Explore our collections to find the perfect style for your space. Head over to our Materials page to learn more.

To measure your wall accurately, measure the height and width of the wall in feet and inches. As long as the height is less than 120" or 10', our standard panel length will work for your space! Then measure the width of the wall, make sure to include any openings in the total number. Once you have your measurements. Our website provides a handy calculator on every product page to help you determine the amount of wallpaper you need.

While we have gone to great lengths ensuring our wallpapers are easy to install and as seamless as possible. We still highly recommend leaving the installation to professionals. Contact us if you need help finding a wallpaper installer.

Our wallpapers adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including painted walls, smooth drywall, and even some types of furniture. However, we recommend avoiding textured or highly porous surfaces for the best results.

We strive to display our products as accurately as possible. However, please note that colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings. As well as lighting in location. We recommend ordering a sample before placing an order. Then verifying on site.

Yes! It is actually encouraged. Members of our trade program receive complimentary samples. You can assess the quality, texture, and color before making a final decision. Sample orders can be placed on our website.


We utilize an overlap on our wallpaper to facilitate as seamless of an installation as possible. When an installer is skilled in double cutting overlap. The two panels will be cut together causing a clean seam.

Double cutting is an installation process that uses an overlap on the wallpaper to perfectly match up the pattern. A skilled installer will overlap the panel by 1". Then cut through both sheets of wallpaper.