How to Apply

Measuring Your Walls

We’re here to make measuring your walls is easy, effective and quick. Here are our tips and tricks. And remember, you can always reach out to your dedicated team with any questions at


Measure the width of your wall and divide by the panel width (25”, 34” or 36”)

top Tip

Always round up to a whole number.

multiple walls

If you are applying panels to multiple walls that are connected, be sure to add up the total width of all walls.


All panels come at 10 foot high panels. If your walls are over 10 feet tall, please contact us to order custom sized panels.

top Tip

Be sure to not include baseboards or crown molding in the height measurement.

Doors & windows

If you have doors or windows on the wall, do not exclude those in your measurements as you will cut those areas out as you apply the panels.

Sloped Walls

If the wall is sloped, you will want to measure the width from the highest point. If that highest point is over 10 feet tall, you’ll want to order a custom panel size.


If you are applying panels to your ceiling, we recommend measuring the widest and longest part of the ceiling. Your length will be based on the direction you’d like the panels to run in. If that length is over 10 feet tall, be sure to contact us for custom lengths.

Still have questions?

Read our FAQS page here or contact our dedicated team to help with any measurements.